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Friday, November 14, 2008

Y que chingallos le pasa al mundo? / WTF is wrong with the world?

I'm echoing an article posted in the Skeptic's Guide to the Universe blog, only for the sheer horror it caused me when I read this.

I'm definetely not a religious person, but people that know me can tell you that I do, very much, respect other people's religious beliefs. I have the utmost respect for faithful people, the fact that we don't share faith does not stop me from respecting and holding dear people that differ from my viewpoint.

But to read this kind of bullshit just makes me re-state my way of thinking.

I respect any and all beliefs held by anyone, as long as they respect the very basic principles of mutual respect.

Branding people, let alone infants, as witches and wizards is FUCKING MEDIEVAL.

Driving nails through their heads is FUCKING MEDIEVAL

Killing more than a 100 "witches" adn BRAGGING about it is FUCKING MEDIEVAL


It terrifies me that someone out there can pretend to use a "religious" belief in this horrifying way, its just heart-breaking. I mean come on, its the 21st freaking century, we're still doing this kind of shit? Stoning "witches"? Really?

This kind of bullshit just makes me think, as Mr Evans states in the SGU blog, how pseudosciences and supperstition can be harmful and deadly. This is obviously not about religion and letting every one place his chip where he/she wishes. This is not a case of "well, that's the way they think and believe, let them beat the crap out of each other". The world we live in can no longer use tolerance as an excuse to let obvious and outrageouos abuses such as this one to happen. Of course, its hard to avoid falling in the pitfall of becoming the "world's police" as we often criticize the USA, but something has to be done.

Sexual violence against women is not acceptable, regardless of WHERE-THE-FUCK you live and who you claim to worship.

Violence against children is not acceptable, regardless of what these "priests" say and claim about this girl "killing" her mom with her "magic"

Psychological abuse of other human beings is not acceptable, regardless of how many demons you think live inside his head

Killing other people because thousands of years ago two brothers couldn't agree which interpretation of your holy book is correct is NOT ACCEPTABLE


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