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Friday, June 01, 2007

Flunkies. Very important part of world domination

Next step for World Domination:
Flunkies are a fundamental part of any evil organization.
They're the ones beating up the good guys, running the rackets and generally getting killed instead of the oh-so powerful Evil Overlord
Flunkies usually grow in beat-down places, such as a Pool Parlor. I went searching for Flunkies in such a place yesterday, here are the results:

Flunkies should always come in pairs. See above, Blue Flunky and Red Flunky. This is in order to promote internal strife (see below)
As long as Flunkies are busy fighting and poking each other, they won't hesitate to follow your leadership and will never undermine your authority (They're too busy undermining each other)

Finally, a Flunky should always be willing to embarrass himself, to make sure you're the central theme of every picture. If they're willing to do this, its a short trip from taking a bullet for you !

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