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Sunday, July 16, 2006

Day 5b

Many discoveries today!!
Step #3 for world domination:
Keep yourself ALIVE!!!
All of the above share at least 2 things:
1) They are all dead
2) They will never dominate the world!!!

Conclusion. From the observed, being alive is a requirement for world domination.

Next steps. Do NOT allow yourself to become dead (further thoughts to come about becoming UNDEAD, while becoming a zombi or something similar does not seem appealing, Liches, Vampires and other powerful undead seem plausible)

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Ives Rountree said...

I wanna contradict, they havent conquered the world YET, they are waiting for a Necromancer to guie them, in that way, undeath and comunism are very similar, they are just waiting for someone to take them to the top, and undeath has a lot of brainless people (very similar to Pejismo) in any case I have tp admit that becoming a Liche will not get you the girl, but hey, Vampires are general heartbreakers...